How Far Is Albuquerque New Mexico From Las Vegas Nevada?

The distance may be covered by car in 577 miles. DRIVING DISTANCE Road trip from Las Vegas to Albuquerque driving distance = 577miles I-40 East is the recommended driving route to use while going from Las Vegas to Albuquerque. Directions for drivers departing from Las Vegas to arrive in Albuquerque

What is halfway between Albuquerque and Las Vegas?

Angell, which is located in Arizona, is the community that precisely embodies the concept of the midway point.The 86035 zip code is the one that is most directly adjacent to the center point.The precise latitude and longitude coordinates are 35 degrees, 9 minutes, and 29 seconds north and 111 degrees, 15 minutes, and 46 seconds west.Scottsdale, Arizona, is the closest large city that is approximately in the middle of the journey.

How far is the drive from Albuquerque New Mexico from Las Vegas Nevada?

When traveling west from Albuquerque, the distance to Las Vegas is 484.93 miles, and when traveling by vehicle via the route of I-40, the distance is 575 miles (925.37 kilometers). Albuquerque and Las Vegas are 8 hours 8 mins distant apart, assuming you travel non-stop. This is the quickest path that may be taken to get from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Is it cheaper to live in Nevada or New Mexico?

The cost of living in Las Vegas is 22.5 percent more than in Albuquerque. The cost of housing in Las Vegas is 34,3 percent more than the cost of housing in Albuquerque. In Las Vegas, the cost of medical care is 13.8% more than the national average.

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How far is the flight from Albuquerque to Las Vegas?

Travel Advisory

Departing from Albuquerque International Sunport (ABQ)
Arriving at Harry Reid International Airport (LAS)
Average flight time 1 hour 34 minutes
Distance 486 miles

Where should I stop between Albuquerque and Las Vegas?

The communities of Sedona, Grand Canyon National Park, Flagstaff, Williams, Boulder City, Laughlin, Prescott, Lake Havasu City, Jerome, and Cottonwood are among the most notable stops along the route between Albuquerque and Las Vegas.Other notable stops are Boulder City, Williams, and Flagstaff.The most well-known destination along the road is Sedona, which can be reached by car in five hours from both Las Vegas and Albuquerque.

What is the halfway point between St Louis and Las Vegas?

In the middle of the distance between Saint Louis, Missouri, and Las Vegas, Nevada Peoria, located in Colorado, is the city that precisely embodies the concept of the midway point.The zip code 80103 is the one that is most convenient for getting to the center.The precise coordinates of the location are 39 degrees 40 minutes 5 seconds north and 104 degrees 5 minutes 31 seconds west.Aurora, Colorado is the nearest large city to the midway point and is around in the middle.

Is Arizona next to Vegas?

There is a distance of 438 kilometers between Arizona and Las Vegas. This is equivalent to a distance of 272 miles if traveled by air. The shortest distance between Arizona and Las Vegas, when traveling by air (bird fly) is 438 kilometers, which is equal to 272 miles.

How much is a bus ticket from Las Vegas NV to Albuquerque NM?

If you book your trip 56 days in advance, you can expect to pay around $125 for a bus ticket from Las Vegas to Albuquerque. During the past 89 days, the price of a ticket from Las Vegas to Albuquerque has ranged from around $122 to approximately $223 depending on the time of year. During peak season, the price of a ticket is approximately $223.

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How far is Las Vegas from the Mexican border?

The distance between Las Vegas and Carson City in the United States to Tijuana and Mexicali in Mexico is equal to 275 miles, or 443 kilometers.

Are groceries expensive in New Mexico?

Prices of Food in New Mexico When it comes to food, a person living alone in New Mexico will spend an annual average of $3,082, while a family of four will spend an average of $8,902. For some perspective, the average yearly food spend for a single adult in the United States is $3,240, while the average annual food expenditure for a family of four is $9,354.

What is the cheapest place to live in New Mexico?

  1. The 5 New Mexico Cities With the Lowest Housing Costs Santa Fe. Santa Fe, which is also the capital of the state and was founded by the Spanish in 1610, has a significant amount of history.
  2. Alamogordo.
  3. Rio Rancho.
  4. Carlsbad.
  5. Hobbs

Is Albuquerque expensive?

On a list of 75 of the most populous cities in the United States, Albuquerque is ranked as one of the cities with the lowest overall cost of living.

How many hours is it from Albuquerque to Los Angeles?

How long of a drive does it take to get from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Los Angeles, California? The entire amount of time spent driving is 11 hours and 33 minutes.

How long is Los Angeles to Las Vegas?

How long of a drive is it to get from Los Angeles, California to Las Vegas, Nevada? The entire amount of time spent driving is 4 hours and 2 minutes.

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How long is a flight from New Mexico to Las Vegas?

The total time spent in the air traveling from New Mexico to Las Vegas, Nevada is one hour and 17 minutes.

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