How Far Is Canton Ohio From Cincinnati Ohio?

It is 235 miles from Cincinnati, Ohio to Canton, Ohio if you are traveling by car ( 378 km). How far is it to get from Cincinnati to Canton in the state of Ohio? It will take you three hours and forty-one minutes to travel there. The trip from Cincinnati, Ohio to Canton, Ohio takes around 24 minutes and covers a distance of roughly 203 miles (327 kilometers).

How far apart are Cleveland and Canton Ohio?

From Cleveland in Ohio to Canton in Ohio is a total distance of 97 kilometers or 60 miles while traveling by car. There are a total of 51 miles that separate Canton, Ohio from Cleveland, Ohio while traveling by plane in a direct line. This is the same as traveling 82 kilometers or 44 miles in the nautical system.

Is Akron close to Cincinnati?

Traveling in a northeasterly direction from Cincinnati to Akron covers a distance of 209.05 miles by foot and 234 miles (376.59 kilometers) by automobile if you use the I-71 N route. If you drive without stopping, the distance between Cincinnati and Akron is 3 hours and 42 minutes.

How far apart are Cincinnati and Cleveland Ohio?

Distance between Cleveland and Cincinnati is 350 kilometers (217 miles). There are 392 kilometers that separate Cleveland from Cincinnati while traveling by car (243 miles).

Is Cincinnati close to Columbus?

Driving from Cincinnati, Ohio to Columbus, Ohio covers a total distance of 102 miles, which is equal to 164 kilometers.

Is Columbus closer to Cleveland or Cincinnati?

Major City That Is Located the Closest to the Midpoint Columbus, Ohio is the largest city that is located the closest to the place in the state of Ohio that is exactly halfway between Cincinnati and Cleveland.Columbus is located 143 miles from Cleveland and 109 miles from Cincinnati.The drive from Cincinnati to Columbus would take 1 hour 49 minutes, whereas the drive from Cleveland to Columbus would take 2 hours 12 minutes.

What is the capital of Ohio?

Chillicothe continued to serve as the capital of Ohio until 1810, at which time it was momentarily relocated to Zanesville before being relocated back to Chillicothe two years later. However, in 1816 the state capital of Ohio was permanently relocated to Columbus in order to be situated in a location that was closer to the geographic center of the state.

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How far is Cincinnati from Cleveland Clinic?

The travel from Cincinnati to Cleveland is 393 kilometers or 244 miles. state of the roads between Cincinnati and Cleveland.

What town is halfway between Cincinnati and Columbus?

Located in the middle of the state of Ohio, between Cincinnati and Columbus Bloomington, which is located in Ohio, is the city that precisely straddles the midway point. 45307 is the zip code that is located the closest to the exact center.

What towns are between Cincinnati and Columbus?

  1. Grove City is one of the cities located between Columbus and Cincinnati in Ohio. Ohio 2 percent 99 miles to go. 1 hr 32 min
  2. Orient. Ohio 18 percent 17 minutes.
  3. Derby. Ohio 20 percent 81 miles to go.
  4. Era. Ohio 22 percent 79 miles to go.
  5. Mount Sterling. Ohio 24 percent 22 minutes.
  6. Nioga. Ohio 26 percent 75 miles to go.
  7. Chenoweth. Ohio 27 percent 73 miles to go.
  8. Midway. Ohio 31 percent 69 miles to go

What is the halfway point between Columbus and Cincinnati?

Port William, Ohio is the location that represents the geographic center point of the route that extends from Columbus, Ohio to Cincinnati, Ohio.

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