How Far Is Cincinnati From Toledo Ohio?

When traveling by car, the distance from Toledo, Ohio to Cincinnati, Ohio is approximately 319 kilometers or 198 miles. There are 179 miles between Toledo and Cincinnati when flying in a direct line from one city to the other in Ohio. This is the same as being at a distance of 288 kilometers or 156 nautical miles. Your journey starts in Toledo, Ohio, in the United States.

Is Cincinnati close to Toledo?

When traveling in a southwesterly direction from Toledo to Cincinnati, the distance is 183.96 miles by foot and 204 miles (328.31 kilometers) by automobile if you use the I-75 S route.If you drive without stopping, the distance between Toledo and Cincinnati is 3 hours and 13 minutes.This is the quickest path that may be taken to get from Toledo in Ohio to Cincinnati in Ohio.

Botkins, Ohio serves as the equidistant point.

How long does it take to drive to Toledo to Cincinnati?

To answer your question, the distance from Toledo to Cincinnati is 201 miles if you drive. Driving time from Toledo to Cincinnati is roughly three hours and twenty-six minutes.

What’s the distance from Toledo Ohio from Cincinnati Ohio?

Driving from Toledo, Ohio to Cincinnati, Ohio covers a total distance of 198 miles, which is equivalent to 319 kilometers.

How long does it take to get to Cincinnati to Toledo?

It is true that there is a 202-mile gap between Cincinnati and Toledo while traveling by car. Driving time from Cincinnati to Toledo is roughly three hours and twenty-six minutes.

What city is closest to Toledo Ohio?

  1. Cities of significance close to Toledo, Ohio: 53 miles to Detroit, Michigan
  2. 92 kilometers to get to Fort Wayne, Indiana
  3. 96 kilometers till you reach Cleveland, Ohio
  4. 111 miles to Akron, OH
  5. Columbus, Ohio is located 120 miles away
  6. 150 kilometers to London, Canada
  7. 183 miles to Cincinnati, OH
  8. 188 kilometers till you reach Indianapolis, Indiana
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What is Toledo famous for?

Traditional crafts including as damascene metalwork, swords with an ancient look and feel, and marzipan prepared by hand are among of Toledo’s most well-known exports (sweet almond candies).Nevertheless, the most well-known artworks in Toledo are the masterpieces painted by El Greco.These paintings may be seen in the city’s numerous churches and convents, in addition to the El Greco Museum.

Is Ohio close to California?

There are 3,176 kilometers and 700 meters that separate Ohio and California, making the total distance between these two states 3,176 kilometers. The number 1973.9 represents the number of miles that separate Ohio from California.

How long is Ohio to California?

To answer your question, the whole journey from Ohio to California by car is 2254 miles. Driving from Ohio to California takes around 35 hours and four minutes on average.

What city is halfway between Toledo and Cincinnati?

In the middle of the state of Ohio, between Cincinnati and Toledo The town of Northumberland, which is located in Ohio, is the precise location of the midway point. 45306 is the zip code that is located the closest to the exact center.

What percent of Toledo is black?

Demographics of the City of Toledo The most current ACS provides the following breakdown of the racial makeup of Toledo’s population: 61.78 percent of people are white 27.31 percent of people were black or African American.

Is Toledo Ohio a big city?

After Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati, Toledo is the city with the fourth-highest population in the state of Ohio.According to the census completed in 2020, Toledo is the 79th biggest city in the United States overall.Toledo is a significant port city located in the middle of the United States.

The city of Toledo is the most populous municipality in the Toledo metropolitan region, with a total population of 270,871.

What is the poverty line in Toledo Ohio?


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Income & Poverty
Median household income (in 2020 dollars), 2016-2020 $39,155
Per capita income in past 12 months (in 2020 dollars), 2016-2020 $22,659
Persons in poverty, percent  25.6%

What major airport is closest to Toledo Ohio?

Toledo Express Airport (TOL / KTOL) is the primary airport that is located the closest to the city. This airport offers domestic flights and is located around 40 kilometers (16 miles) from the heart of Toledo, Ohio.

Why is Toledo in Ohio and not Michigan?

In 1836, the state of Michigan and the state of Ohio were engaged in a battle to determine which state would get the city of Toledo. The city of Toledo is situated on the Maumee River. Because of the Maumee River’s significance to transportation, both Michigan and Ohio were interested in acquiring the land.

Why is Toledo part of Ohio?

In the end, Michigan reluctantly agreed to accept a solution offered by Congress on December 14, 1836.Under the terms of the deal, Michigan would give up its claims to the Toledo Strip in return for admission into the union as the 26th state.This would allow Michigan to become the 26th state.

The cities of Toledo and the Maumee were legally incorporated into the state of Ohio with the stroke of a pen.

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