How Far Is Delaware From New York?

The driving distance from Delaware to New York is approximately 160 miles. The road trip covers a total of 124.3 miles. Without a car, what are my options for getting from Delaware to New York? If you do not have access to a car, using the train, which takes 1 hour and 38 minutes and costs between $16 and $160, is your best option for getting from Delaware to New York.

What city in Delaware is closest to New York?

You need to get to Wilmington. The city of Wilmington is located in the northernmost part of Delaware and is only a few miles away from both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It is the only city in Delaware that has rail service that travels out of the state and into New York City.

How long is a car ride from New York to Delaware?

The distance from Delaware to New York is approximately how long is the drive? The entire amount of time spent driving is 4 hours and 52 minutes.

How far is New York from Delaware by plane?

The shortest distance possible to travel between Delaware and New York via airplane is 239 kilometers, which is equal to 149 miles. It will take you 0.27 hours to get from Delaware to New York if you travel by airplane, which travels at an average speed of 560 miles per hour.

Is New York close to Delaware?

Driving from New York to Delaware covers a total distance of 266 miles, which is equivalent to 428 kilometers. Your journey gets underway when you arrive in the state of New York. The state of Delaware is where it comes to an end.

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Is Delaware a nice place to live?

The beaches in Delaware are known for being very clean and welcoming to visitors of all ages; as a result, the state receives tens of thousands of visitors throughout the summer months.Both Dewey Beach and Rehoboth Beach have been awarded five stars for the purity of its ocean, and along with the rest of the Delaware coastline, they provide a picture-perfect atmosphere for enjoying activities such as shopping, dining, and water sports.

How far is Delaware from New York by bus?

The distance that must be covered to get from New York City to Delaware via bus is 131.5 miles.

Is Delaware close to California?

There is a distance of 3,833 kilometers between Delaware and California. This is equivalent to a distance of 2,382 miles if traveled by air. The shortest distance possible to travel between Delaware and California via aviation is 3,833 kilometers, which is approximately 2,382 miles.

Is there a train from New York to Delaware?

Is there a train that travels from New York to Delaware without making any stops? There is, in fact, a train that travels directly from the New York Moynihan Train Hall at Penn Station station all the way to the Wilmington station. The services are available around the clock and depart every half hour. The trip will take roughly 1 hour and 25 minutes.

Why is Delaware famous?

Rehoboth, Bethany, and Dewey Beaches in Delaware are among the state’s most well-known attractions. In addition to this, it is notable for being the first state and being tax-free across the whole state. Despite the fact that Dover serves as the state capital, Wilmington is the most well-known city in this state.

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Is Delaware a state?

Delaware was admitted to the Union as a state in 1776, only a little more than two months after the writing of the Declaration of Independence. In 1777, the government decided to relocate the capital from New Castle to Dover. In 1792, Delaware citizens ratified their first state constitution. In 1897, the document that we use today as our constitution was ratified.

Is Delaware close to Washington DC?

The distance from Delaware to Washington, DC, measured in a direct line, is exactly 1269 kilometers (kilometers) long and 462.74 meters in height. The distance from Delaware to Washington, DC, expressed in terms of miles, is 788.8 miles.

How far is Delaware from me on a plane?

The time it takes to fly from Delaware to Maine is estimated based on the distance between the two states in a direct line (sometimes known as ″as the crow flies″), which is approximately 480 miles (or 773 kilometers).

How long is Delaware from Jersey?

The distance from Delaware to New Jersey is approximately 1433 kilometers (or 890.7 miles).

Is New York near Connecticut?

The state of Connecticut is somewhat tiny and shares a border with the state of New York to the east. The section of the Connecticut border that is located directly northeast of New York City is the one that is the closest to New York City.

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