How Many Colleges Are In Ohio?

Colleges and Universities in the State of Ohio There is a wide variety of opportunities for higher education in Ohio, including 14 public four-year institutions with 24 branch campuses, 23 community and technical schools with a two-year program, and more than 50 private colleges and universities with a four-year program.

What is the largest college in Ohio?

Both Kent State University and Bowling Green State University are examples of other universities that are highly regarded on a national scale. The Ohio State University in Columbus (43,058 students) and Ohio University are the two colleges in the state of Ohio with the biggest student bodies, respectively (located in Athens; 22,685 students).

What are the public and private universities in Ohio?

  1. Shawnee State University and Central State University are the only two public schools left in the state, and both of them are on the smaller side.
  2. The University of Dayton, Ashland University, Franklin University, and Xavier University are the private universities in the state that have the second, third, and fourth-largest student bodies, respectively, after Case Western Reserve University.

How many colleges are there in Ohio for nursing?

Colleges and Universities in Ohio That Offer Nursing Programs Online From among our comprehensive database of 359 Ohio Colleges, Community Colleges, and Trade Schools, you may view information about 126 Ohio Four Year Colleges and Universities.

What is the Five Colleges of Ohio?

  1. (September 2016) The Five Institutions of Ohio, Inc.
  2. is a consortium of five highly selective private liberal arts colleges in the state of Ohio, United States, that works together on academic and administrative matters.
  3. It is a non-profit educational consortium that was founded in 1995 with the purpose of advancing the diverse academic and cultural goals of the schools that make up its membership.
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Which state has the most colleges?

  1. Institutions of higher learning in the United States, organized by state for 2019/2020 In the year 2020, the state of California was home to a total of 416 educational establishments of a higher level.
  2. Out of these 416 colleges, 262 offered four-year degrees, while the remaining 154 only offered two-year degrees.
  3. In that year, the most institutes of higher education could be found in California than in any other state.

How many colleges and universities are in central Ohio?

With 52 college and university campuses, a total enrolment of more than 134,000 students, and 22,000 yearly graduates, the Columbus Region has one of the biggest concentrations of higher education in the country. This gives the region one of the best rankings in the nation.

How many Ohio University campuses are there?

Every campus of Ohio University has its own distinct personality, yet they all uphold the institution’s longstanding commitment to educational superiority. Students from all throughout southern Ohio and even farther afield have access to higher education at any one of our five locations.

How many private colleges are in Ohio?

Private Colleges in the State of Ohio In the state of Ohio, there are 68 private colleges and universities with a total enrollment of 126,723.

Does Ohio have the most colleges?

The fifty individual states that make up the nation of the United States each have their own unique history, traditions, and personalities. After graduating from high school, a significant number of students in the United States attend either public or private institutions located in these states. Which state has the most total higher education institutions?

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Rank 6
State Ohio
Public Universities 36
Private Universities 75
Total 111

What is the #1 college in Ohio?

2021 University Rankings for the State of Ohio

sort by: rank a-z town
# University Town
1 The Ohio State University Columbus
2 University of Cincinnati Cincinnati
3 Case Western Reserve University Cleveland

What is the prettiest college in Ohio?

Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, comes in first place. Gambier, Ohio, is home to Kenyon College, which has what is often regarded as one of the most picturesque settings for a college campus in the United States.

How many colleges are in Cleveland Ohio?

There are around 15 institutions in the surrounding region, 12 of which are private colleges and universities, one of which is a public college or university, and the remaining 2 are community colleges that give degrees that are just 2 years long.

How many community colleges are in OHIO?

  1. Community Colleges in the State of Ohio Ohio is home to 25 different community colleges and universities, which together have a total enrollment of 185,941 students.
  2. Examine the following list to identify the community college that best suits your needs.
  3. Local public institutions known as community colleges are an excellent option for students who wish to eventually get a bachelor’s degree from a four-year university.

What is OHIO known for?

  1. Cedar Point, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame are all well-known attractions in the state of Ohio.
  2. Visit the Hocking Hills for a day spent outside in the natural world.
  3. The phonograph, the gas-powered vehicle, golf balls, and Superman all have their origins in the state of Ohio.
  4. Then there’s Neil Armstrong, who made history by being the first human to set foot on the moon.
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What is the largest college in Ohio?

Colleges in Ohio Ranked According to Their Student Body Size

School Enrollment
O Ohio State University Columbus, OH 61,369
C University of Cincinnati Main Campus Cincinnati, OH 40,826
E Eastern Gateway Community College Steubenville, OH 40,036
C Columbus State Community College Columbus, OH 27,621

How many colleges and universities are there in the state of Ohio?

The magnificent state of Ohio is home to 137 universities and colleges, all of which are equipped to provide students with an education of the highest caliber regardless of the field of study they choose to pursue.

What is the smallest public college in Ohio?

The following table provides a ranking of the 59 public institutions in Ohio that have the fewest total students enrolled at either the full or part time levels. The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute has the most students of any other school on this list, with 547 total.

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