How Many Miles Across New Mexico On I 10?

The length of the portion of the United States Interstate Highway System known as Interstate 10 (I-10) that is located in the state of New Mexico is 164.264 miles (264.357 kilometers). The Interstate 10 runs through the counties of Hidalgo, Grant, Luna, and Doa Ana in the southern part of New Mexico.

How many states does I-10 run through?

As a result, it traverses the entirety of eight states, namely the United States of America’s California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. What is the Length of Interstate 10? With a total length of 2,460 miles, Interstate 10 is the fourth longest roadway in the United States.

Where is Interstate 10 located in Texas?

  • The 10 Interstate in the state of Texas.
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  • The Southern United States are traversed mostly by the primary east–west interstate highway known as Interstate 10 (I-10).

In the state of Texas, it begins at Anthony, which is close to the border with New Mexico, and continues via El Paso, San Antonio, and Houston until arriving in Orange, which is close to the border with Louisiana.

What is the New Mexico (US) driving distance calculator?

The New Mexico (US) Driving Distance Calculator calculates the distance between two addresses, places, cities, villages, towns, or airports in New Mexico, as well as provides driving directions between those locations (US). Additionally, these driving instructions and distances will be shown on an interactive map with the title Distance Map and Driving Directions New Mexico (US).

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How far is it across New Mexico on I-10?

  • If you drive the whole length of Interstate 10 throughout the state of New Mexico at an average speed of 60 miles per hour, it will take you around 2 hours and 44 minutes to complete the journey.
  • The total distance of Interstate 10 across the state of New Mexico is approximately 164 miles.
  • Also included are regional traffic maps for I-10 in New Mexico, including Anthony, Deming, Las Cruces, and Lordsburg.

How many miles is it across the state of New Mexico?

The state of New Mexico’s topography

Longitude / Latitude Longitude: 103°W to 109°W Latitude: 31° 20’N to 37°N New Mexico base and elevation maps
Length x Width New Mexico is about 370 miles long and 343 miles wide.

How many miles is I-10 in Texas?

  • The section of Interstate 10 in Texas that is maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation is the longest continuous untolled motorway in North America that is administered by a single authority.
  • It stretches for little under 1,420 kilometers (just under 880 miles).
  • It is also the longest stretch of a single Interstate Highway designation that is contained entirely within a single state.

How many miles wide is New Mexico?

New Mexico

New Mexico Nuevo México (Spanish) Yootó Hahoodzo (Navajo)
Rank 5th
Length 371 mi (596 km)
Width 344 mi (552 km)

How long is the NM Mexico border?

The length of the portion of the United States’ border that is shared with Canada and Mexico, broken down by state (in statute miles)

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State Length in statute miles
Washington 427
Arizona 373
North Dakota 310
New Mexico 180

What’s the longest interstate in the United States?

I-90 is the longest interstate highway in the United States, stretching all the way from Boston, Massachusetts to Seattle, Washington over a distance of 3,020.44 miles.

How many miles is Route 50?

U.S. Route 50, also known as U.S. Highway 50 (US 50), is a major east–west route in the United States Highway system. It begins at Interstate 80 (I-80) in West Sacramento, California, and ends at Maryland Route 528 (MD 528) in Ocean City, Maryland, on the Atlantic Ocean. The distance between these two points is 3,073 miles (4,946 kilometers).

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