How Many People Are In Ohio?

11.7 million people call Ohio home, and of that number, 97.7 percent are considered to be residents of the state. 4.58 percent of Ohio’s population was born in a nation other than the United States as of 2019. (535k people). In 2019, there were 6.34 times more individuals in Ohio who identified as White (non-Hispanic) than any other race or ethnicity. There were 9.16 million people in Ohio.

What is the population of Ohio?

The most recent official Census was carried out in 2010, and it revealed that Ohio’s total population was 11,536,504. This number was 11,548,087 in 2015, which is a very minor growth rate. In 2015, there was a tiny increase to reflect this.

What is the population of Columbus Ohio in 2018?

Population of the Metropolitan Area: 2,158,420 According to our calculations based on the most recent estimates provided by the US Census, the current population of Columbus, Ohio is 913,921. The population was estimated to be 890,869 by the United States Census in 2018. 787 033 people were counted at the most recent official census in the United States, which was carried out in 2010.

What are the biggest cities in Ohio?

The people who call Ohio home live in a number of different large cities located all around the state. The most people live in the state’s capital, Columbus, which has a population of 850,000. The next most populous cities are Cleveland (388,072), Cincinnati (298,550), Toledo (298,550), and Akron (298,550). (197,542).

What is Ohio’s population 2021?

The results of the United States Census in 2020 show that the population of Ohio in the year 2020 is 11,799,448. It is anticipated that there will be 11.78 million people living in Ohio in the year 2021.

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Is Ohio a white state?

80.47 percent of people are white. 12.36 percent of people are black or African American. 3.56 percent of people identify with more than one race Asian: 2.30 percent

What percentage of Ohio is white?


Persons 65 years and over, percent  17.8%
Female persons, percent  50.7%
Race and Hispanic Origin
White alone, percent  81.2%

What percentage of Ohio is black?

The African American community in Ohio is made up of close to 1.7 million persons who identify as having at least some degree of African American ancestry. This number accounts for 14.4 percent of the entire population of the state.

Is Ohio poor?

In the year 2020, around 13.6 percent of Ohio’s population was considered to be living in poverty. This was an increase from the previous year, when around 13.1 percent of Ohio people were estimated to have lived below the federal poverty level. Rate of poverty in Ohio from the years 2000 through 2020.

Characteristic Percentage of population
2019 13.1%
2018 13.9%
2017 14%
2016 14.6%

Why is Ohio so popular?

Numerous activities and destinations draw people to Ohio, whose state capital is Columbus. It is the location of birth of a great number of well-known persons, such as John Legend, Steve Harvey, Drew Carey, and various presidents of the United States. The following is a list of some other things that Ohio is famous for.

What is the blackest city in Ohio?

Bedford Heights (72.8 percent), Maple Heights (70.6 percent), Trotwood (68.4 percent), Forest Park (64.9 percent), Euclid (58.1 percent), Bedford (53.5 percent), and Cleveland are some of the other Ohio communities that have majority black populations (51.6 percent).

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Is Ohio a good place to live?

Ohio is consistently regarded as one of the greatest states for businesses, and it also provides its citizens with many other perks, such as a low cost of living, outstanding schools, and numerous chances for recreation.

What is the blackest city in America?

The city of New York had the highest number of individuals who identified themselves as being Black, with around 2.3 million. This was followed by the city of Chicago, with 1.1 million, and then cities such as Detroit, Philadelphia, and Houston, which each had between 500,000 and 1 million.

What is the whitest state?

The results of the census in 2020 reveal that Maine continues to be the state with the highest percentage of white residents but is also getting increasingly diversified.According to figures from the most recent census, which was announced on Thursday, the state’s population of 1,362,359 is still predominantly white.Over the course of the last decade, however, those figures showed a modest decline, going from 95.2 percent of the population to 90.8 percent of the population.

Which US state is the blackest?

With an estimated 3,936,669 residents, or around 14 percent of the state’s overall population, Texas is home to the country’s largest Black population. Texas holds the position as the nation’s second-most diverse state. Next in line is New York with 3,763,977 (19 percent), followed by Florida with 3,867,495 (18 percent), and Georgia with 3,549,349 (17 percent) (34 percent ).

What is the whitest county in Ohio?

The percentage of white residents in Ohio, broken down by county

County Value
Summit 78.4
Trumbull 88.7
Tuscarawas 96.5
Union 90.7
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Is Ohio growing or shrinking?

Central Ohio counties accounted for five of Ohio’s six fastest growing population centers over the previous decade. These counties added about 235,600 persons and accounted for approximately 90 percent of the state’s total increase between 2010 and 2020, according to statistics from the Census Bureau.

Where do most Asians live in Ohio?

CLEVELAND, Ohio – According to fresh estimates that were made available by the Census Bureau in the month of March, the Columbus suburb of Dublin has the largest concentration of Asian citizens of any city in Ohio, with one Asian person out of every five people living there.

Is Ohio growing or shrinking?

Central Ohio counties accounted for five of Ohio’s six fastest growing population centers over the previous decade. These counties added about 235,600 persons and accounted for approximately 90 percent of the state’s total increase between 2010 and 2020, according to statistics from the Census Bureau.

Is Ohio a growing state?

Today, America Counts is releasing a state-by-state look at the demographic shifts that the newly released findings from the 2020 Census indicate. Our state profiles compile into a single page the most important demographic information pertaining to both your state and your county.

What state has the smallest population?

Wyoming has the lowest population of any state in the United States.White people make up 83.7 percent of Wyoming’s population, while Hispanic or Latino people make up 10.1 percent, Native Americans make up 2.7 percent, African Americans make up 1.3 percent, and Asians make up 1.1 percent.The federal government of the United States maintains control over five permanently populated regions, all of which fall under its exclusive legal authority.

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