How Many People Live In New Mexico?

  • There are 2.1 million people living in New Mexico, of which 94.9 percent are citizens of the United States.
  • As of the year 2019, 9.4 percent of New Mexico’s population was born in a nation other than the United States (197k people).
  • In 2019, the White (Hispanic) population of New Mexico was 1.01 times larger than the population of any other race or ethnicity in the state, totaling 779 thousand people.

What is the population of New Mexico by age?

The population of New Mexico by age is estimated to be 2,084,828 in 2019, according to data provided by the United States Census Bureau. Of this total, there are 1,032,086 males and 1,052,742 females, making the state’s gender ratio 980.

What is the population of New Mexico in 2021?

2,105,005 people are estimated to live in New Mexico in 2021. At the moment, New Mexico’s yearly growth rate is 0.64 percent, which places it 30th among the states in the United States. The most recent national census to be carried out in the United States was in the year 2010, and the results of that count indicated that New Mexico had a total population of 2,059,179 people.

What percentage of New Mexico’s population is multiracial?

According to the findings of the census conducted in the year 2020, 1.5 percent of the population identifies as multiracial or mixed race. This represents a population that is greater than that of the NHPI demographic group as well as the Asian population group. In terms of the amount of residents who speak more than one language, New Mexico is third, behind behind California and Texas.

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What are the major centers of population in New Mexico?

  • Las Cruces, New Mexico’s second-biggest city and the largest city in both Doa Ana County and the southern section of the state, is located in the south-central area of the state, which is also the location of the state’s other main population center.
  • Its metropolitan area is home to around 214,000 people, but when coupled with El Paso, Texas, the two cities constitute a statistical region that is home to more than one million people.

What percentage of NM is black?

According to estimations based on demographic data from the year 2017, the following is how the population of New Mexico breaks down by race: 74.24 percent of New Mexico’s residents are White Americans, 2% are Black Africans, and 9.45 percent are Asian.

What of New Mexico is white?


Persons 65 years and over, percent  18.0%
Female persons, percent  50.5%
Race and Hispanic Origin
White alone, percent  81.9%

What is New Mexico’s population 2022?

Albuquerque is the most populous city in New Mexico with a population of 563,165, making it the biggest city in the state.10 Largest Cities in New Mexico

Name Albuquerque
2022 Pop. 563,165
2010 Census 546,755
Change 3.00%
Density (mi²) 3,008

Why is New Mexico so poor?

The dearth of well-paying employment and an unfavorable physical environment for agriculture, particularly in New Mexico’s rural parts, are the primary contributors to the state’s high poverty rate.

Is New Mexico a good place to live?

According to the results of a survey conducted by WalletHub, which evaluated the states based on 52 different aspects of livability, New Mexico came in at number 50 on the list of the best places to live in during the year 2021. The states were evaluated based on their affordability, economy, education and health, quality of life, and level of safety, respectively.

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What is New Mexico known for?

  1. The state of New Mexico is well-known for its varied topography
  2. The site where the nuclear weapon was first created
  3. Ancient Pueblo People
  4. Laboratory of Nuclear Physics at Los Alamos
  5. The case of the Roswell UFO
  6. Sands of white color

Are there Asians in New Mexico?

Today in Albuquerque, the city’s Asian community is fully incorporated into all facets of city life, from the city’s cuisine to its art and culture. Every year, celebrations such as the Chinese New Year festival bring in hundreds of adults and children, and traditions such as the playing of the Taiko drums in Japan are gradually gaining more and more followers.

Where do most people live in NM?

You could be looking for a list of New Mexico cities, counties, or zip codes.

Rank City Population
1 Albuquerque 560,447
2 Las Cruces 102,950
3 Rio Rancho 97,976
4 Santa Fe 84,418

What is the motto of New Mexico?

It grows as it goes″ is the official motto of New Mexico, which is taken from the Latin phrase ″Crescit eundo.″ The slogan has been criticized for sounding weird or even incoherent at first hearing, which has led to the criticism.

Is New Mexico growing?

  • NEW MEXICO (KRQE) — The most current numbers available, which come from the 2020 census, reveal that the state of New Mexico’s population has grown by only around 3 percent, or roughly 58,000 people, over the course of the past decade.
  • The vast majority of new inhabitants have settled in Sandoval County, which has had its total population grow by more than 17,000 since 2010 and experienced a population rise of 13%.
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Is New Mexico a poor state?

  • The number of people living in poverty in New Mexico is 16.2 percent.
  • A little less than one quarter of the children in this state live below the poverty line.
  • Unfortuitously, the New Mexico public education system is ranked dead last among all schools in the United States and has the second-highest dropout rate of any state.

Only 73.9 percent of students in the state graduate on time during their academic career.

What is the fastest growing city in New Mexico?

The metropolitan region of Las Cruces is the New Mexico city that is expanding at the highest rate. From 2010 to 2020, its population increased by 5.8 percent, reaching a total of 221,262 people.

What is considered New Mexico’s number one problem?

The issue of poverty is the one that is the most difficult to solve in New Mexico. Poverty is either a cause, an effect, or a factor that complicates the state’s various dysfunctions. These dysfunctions range from kids being born with a low birth weight to violent crime.

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