How Much Does Subway Pay In Texas?

What is the salary range for the management position at Subway in Texas?Between around $20,000 and $75,000 per year, the typical income at Subway ranges from approximately $15,000 to $75,000 for the position of Closing Manager all the way up to Owner/Manager.The salary scale at Subway runs from roughly $8.00 per hour for the position of Overnight Manager all the way up to $17.89 per hour for the position of Senior Supervisor.

How much does subway pay per hour?

Tell us about yourself to receive an estimated assessment of how much money you should be making as well as insight into the several career paths you may pursue. What kind of wages does Subway provide in the United States? The salary scale at Subway spans from around $8.49 for bartenders to $16.78 for area managers, with the average hourly wage falling somewhere in the middle.

How much do Subway food preparation&service jobs pay?

The Food Service Worker position at Subway pays roughly $7.49 per hour, while the Maintenance Person position at Subway pays approximately $14.68 per hour on average. The starting wage for an Artist at Subway is around $15,000 per year, while the average compensation for an Assistant Manager at Subway is $134,613 per year.

How much do subway administrative assistance jobs pay?

The starting hourly rate for an Associate at Subway is around $8.49, and the starting hourly rate for an Administrative Assistant at Subway is $15.73. The starting compensation for an Assistant at Subway is roughly $16,492 per year, while the salary for the Director of Operations is approximately $59,739 per year.

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How much do subway cleaning&sanitation jobs pay?

The starting compensation for a Team Member at Subway is roughly $17,000 per year, whereas the income for a Cleaner may go up to $470,000 per year. The information on salaries comes from 1,476 data points that were gathered directly from workers, users, and both historical and existing job adverts on Indeed over the course of the last 36 months.

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