What Airlines Fly Out Of Columbus Ohio?

  1. Airlines departing from Columbus that fly to locations served by Southwest Airlines (WN)19
  2. 13 locations served by American Airlines (AA)
  3. 10 locations served by United Airlines (UA)
  4. Spirit Airlines (NK)7 destinations
  5. Destinations served by Breeze Airways (MX)7
  6. Delta (DL)6 destinations
  7. Frontier Airlines (F9)4 destinations
  8. Alaska (AS)1 destination

What airlines is based in Columbus Ohio?

Airlines Transporting Passengers: Columbus

Rank Airline 2015 departing
1 Southwest Airlines 1.19 million
2 American Airlines 923,886
3 Delta Air Lines 776,838
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Who flies out of Columbus airport?

  1. American Airlines
  2. Delta Air Lines Inc.
  3. United Airlines
  4. The airline known as United
  5. Delta Air Lines
  6. Air Canada
  7. The Indian airline Jet Airways
  8. Lufthansa
  9. The airline British Airways
  10. The airline Virgin Atlantic

What is the new airline in Columbus Ohio?

Together, we were able to establish Breeze AirwaysTM, a brand-new airline that combines compassion and technology. At low, competitive prices, Breeze offers nonstop service connecting underserved routes located all over the United States.

What airlines fly out of Ohio?


Air Canada 888.247.2262 www.aircanada.com
Delta 800.221.1212 www.delta.com
Frontier 801.401.9000 www.flyfrontier.com
JetBlue 800.538.2583 www.jetblue.com
Southwest 800.435.9792 www.southwest.com

What is the best airline in Ohio?

  1. The following is our rating system, based on the data: Delta
  2. Southwest
  3. Allegiant
  4. Spirit
  5. JetBlue
  6. Frontier
  7. United
  8. American

Where does breeze fly from Columbus Ohio?

On Tuesday, Breeze Airways announced that they will be adding three additional flights to and from Columbus. The low-cost airline will now provide service to Jacksonville, Florida; Providence, Rhode Island; and Savannah, Georgia from John Glenn Columbus International Airport on a twice-weekly basis.

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Where does Delta fly from Columbus?

From Columbus, Delta provides service to the following cities: Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Raleigh-Durham, and Salt Lake City. Additionally, Delta provides seasonal service to Cancun in addition to three locations in Florida.

What airlines fly out of John Glenn?

  1. The following are the leading airlines that serve John Glenn Columbus International Airport: American Airlines
  2. Delta
  3. United
  4. Spirit Airlines
  5. Air Canada
  6. Qatar Airways
  7. The airline JetBlue Airways
  8. Frontier Airlines

Where does Southwest fly out of in Ohio?

Departing from the city of Columbus. John Glenn Columbus International Airport is one of the destinations that Southwest Airlines is pleased to service. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the Arch City by hopping on a Southwest aircraft that leaves from John Glenn Columbus International Airport.

Is Breeze Airways still in business?

The metropolitan area of New York is included in Breeze Airways’ expansion plans, however the airline does not yet serve any of the city’s main airports.David Neeleman, creator of JetBlue Airlines, is expanding his fledgling airline, which began operations a year ago and has experienced remarkable growth, by beginning service at Westchester County Airport, which is located 30 miles north of New York City.

Does JetBlue own breeze?

A new venture from the founders of JetBlue Breeze Airways is planning to almost treble the number of routes it offers and to begin offering cross-country service.Breeze Airways has plans to expand its route network by 35, which will include include cross-country options.David Neeleman, the founder of JetBlue, had the idea for the airline to profit on routes that were underserved by other carriers.

What cities will breeze Airlines service?

It already operates flights between this airport and the cities of Norfolk, Pittsburgh, and Charleston in addition to Columbus, Ohio.The airline made the announcement a month ago that they will commence nonstop service between Bradley Airport and the following cities beginning in June: Jacksonville; Nashville, Tennessee; Akron-Canton, Ohio; Savannah; Richmond, Virginia; and Sarasota-Bradenton, Florida.

What is the cheapest airport to fly out of in Ohio?

The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International airport in Ohio offers the most affordable tickets, with an average cost of just $199. This airport is the best option for those looking for inexpensive flights.

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How many airports are in Columbus Ohio?

Whether you’re a pilot with your own aircraft, a corporate flight scheduler or traveler, or simply interested in general aviation services and activities in Columbus, Ohio, you’ll find that one or more of our three airports can provide quick turn service and accommodate your specific general aviation needs.This is true whether you’re a pilot with your own aircraft, a corporate flight scheduler or traveler, or simply interested in general aviation services and activities in Columbus, Ohio.

Why is Columbus airport CMH?

A measure to rename the airport in honor of John Glenn, a former astronaut who served as a senator for four terms in the United States, was approved by the Ohio General Assembly in May of 2016. The airport was formerly known as the Port Columbus International Airport. The first name of the airport was the Columbus Municipal Hangar, which is where the code ″CMH″ comes from.

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