What County Is Ashland Ohio In?

  • A county known as Ashland County may be found in the most northern part of the state of Ohio, in the United States.
  • The population was counted as 53,139 at the census that was taken in 2010.
  • Ashland is the principal city in this county.

Ashland, the residence of Senator Henry Clay, which is located close to Lexington, Kentucky, inspired the naming of the county.In 1846, portions of the counties of Huron, Lorain, Richland, and Wayne were combined to create it.

What is Ashland Ohio known for?

  • Ashland Christian School, St.
  • Edward Catholic School, and Ashland Montessori School are some of the schools that call the city home.
  • Both Ashland University and Ashland Theological Seminary can be found inside the municipal limits.

Both were founded by the Brethren Church, which is an Evangelical Protestant church that follows in the tradition of the Anabaptists and has its headquarters in Ashland.

Why choose Ashland County?

  • Students from kindergarten through high school and even those in further education at Ashland University may be found in this area.
  • The proximity to major metropolitan regions such as Columbus, Cleveland, and Akron contributes significantly to the region’s robust economic climate.
  • Your access to the entire planet is now easier than ever.

Ashland County is constantly the scene of new and exciting events.

What is Ashland Ohio known for?

Healthcare of the Highest Quality Not only is Ashland home to a highly regarded nursing program, but it also features first-rate medical facilities that are equipped to treat patients from a vast surrounding area.

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Is Ashland Ohio a rural area?

On average, there are 124 people living in each square mile that makes up Ashland County. More than sixty percent of Ashland Area’s 424 square miles are used for agricultural purposes, making the county predominantly rural.

Is Ashland Ohio rural or urban?

The population in the year 2019 is 20,275. (99 percent urban, 1 percent rural). Zip codes: 44805.

What is it like to live in Ashland Ohio?

You will find that life in the little Ohio city of Ashland to be rather pleasant. It is well known for being a college town, and it has a lot to offer. In 2018, it was chosen to be the most secure college town overall. The local community in Ashland is quite active, which is one of the reasons why it is so appealing to live there.

Is Ashland considered Northeast Ohio?

Within the context of the area, Northeast Ohio is understood to consist of twenty counties, one of which being Ashland County. The county of Ashtabula. The County of Carroll

What city is closest to Ashland Ohio?

  1. Cities of significance close to Ashland, Ohio: 44 kilometers to Akron, Ohio
  2. Cleveland, Ohio is located 54 miles away
  3. Columbus, Ohio is located 72 miles away
  4. 84 miles to Toledo, OH
  5. 107 kilometers to the Canadian city of Windsor
  6. 108 miles to Detroit, MI
  7. 125 miles till reaching Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  8. It’s a 148-mile drive to Fort Wayne, Indiana

What level is Ashland Ohio under?

There is now a level one snow emergency in effect for Ashland County.

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Are there Amish in Ashland Ohio?

Amish people may be found in a number of counties in Ohio, including Ashland County. Swartzentruder Amish are the local community of Amish people in Ashland County. It is the Amish group that adheres to the most old-fashioned practices and keeps to themselves the most. They do not have access to modern conveniences such as power or indoor plumbing, and their carts do not have lights.

Where did Ashland Ohio get its name?

The city that is now known as Ashland was formerly known as Uniontown, but in 1822, the community was forced to change its name since there was already another city in Ohio with the name Uniontown. The partisans of the Kentucky lawmaker Henry Clay chose the new name for the city, which was derived from Ashland, the location of Clay’s mansion close to Lexington.

How old is Ashland Ohio?

The name of the village was changed to Ashland in 1846, the same year that the state government of Ohio founded Ashland County. Prior to that, the hamlet had been known as Uniontown. In the same year, there were 1,300 people living in Ashland. There were also five churches, sixteen businesses, two newspapers, and a private institution that accepted both male and female students.

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