What County Is Ashley Ohio In?

Located in Delaware County is the town of Ashley. Ashley. Where in Ohio is Ashley located? Ashley and Ashley both (the United States) Ashley and Ashley both (North America) Display a map of Ohio. A map of the United States is being shown. Please display a map of North America. Show everything. These are the coordinates: 40°24′31′′ North, 82°57′10′′ West.

What school district is Ashley in?

Students that live in Ashley go to school in the Buckeye Valley Local School District. The coordinates of Ashley are as follows: 40°24′31′′ North, 82°57′10′′ West or 40.40861° North, 82.95278° West (40.408562, -82.952734).

Where is Ashland County Ohio?

The Ashland, Ohio Metropolitan Statistical Area is included in both the Mansfield-Ashland-Bucyrus, Ohio Combined Statistical Area as well as the Ashland County portion of the combined statistical area. On February 24, 1846, Ashland County was established out of territory previously belonging to Huron, Lorain, Richland, and Wayne counties.

How many counties are in Ohio?

Article from the Wikimedia list. Ohio’s several counties The state of Ohio in the United States is divided up into 88 counties. At the time of the Ohio Constitutional Convention in 1802, there were nine of them already in existence. On August 15, 1796, a tenth county known as Wayne was founded. Its boundaries closely corresponded to those of the current state of Michigan.

Is Ashley Ohio a good place to live?

It’s possible that Ashley, Ohio, in the state of Ohio, is the ideal spot for you to call home if you’re seeking for a community in which the pace of life is more relaxed and people are warm and welcoming. It is kid-friendly, and you can pick how quickly or slowly you want to move through it.

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Is Ashley a city?

McIntosh County, North Dakota, is home to the city of Ashley, which serves as the county seat. Ashley is located in the United States.

How far is Ashley to Columbus?

There is a distance of 50 kilometers (31 miles) between Columbus and Ashley. The distance along the road is 37.1 miles.

Is there an Ashville Ohio?

In the state of Ohio, in the United States, the community of Ashville may be found in Pickaway County. At the time of the census in 2010, there were 4,097 people living there. Five miles to the south of Columbus and six miles to the north of Circleville is where you’ll find Ashville.

How many Ashleys are there in the world?

Longview, Texas was host to the opening of Ashley Furniture HomeStore’s 500th location in February of 2014. As of the year 2022, there are more than one thousand sites of the Ashley HomeStore spread over the world.

What happened to the town of Ashley Kansas?

The little town of Ashley, Kansas, in the state of Kansas ceased to exist some time during the night of August 16, 1952. The United States Geological Survey recorded a magnitude 7.9 earthquake that took place at 3:28 in the morning on August 17, 1952. The shaking caused by the earthquake was felt throughout the whole state and into much of the Midwest.

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