What County Is Lexington Ohio In?

In the U.S. state of Ohio, the community of Lexington is located inside Richland County. It is included in the Metropolitan Statistical Area that encompasses Mansfield, Ohio. The population has grown from 4,165 in the year 2000 to 4,822 when the census was taken in 2010. The Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course can be found in Troy Township, which is located just outside of Lexington.

Where is New Lexington Ohio?

The county seat of Perry County, New Lexington, may be found at the scenic end of the Appalachian plateau and the beginning of the Southern Ohio hills. New Lexington serves as the county seat for Perry County. Stay up to speed with our newest news. Get familiar with New Lexington.

What is the largest county in Ohio by area?

Ashtabula County has a total size of 702.44 square miles, making it the biggest county in the state in terms of land area. Lake County is the smallest of all the counties. There are 1,323,807 people living in Franklin County, making it the county in Ohio with the greatest population. Summit County and Hamilton County are the two other counties in the state that have quite large populations.

Is Lexington Ohio a good place to live?

  1. LEXINGTON is famous for numerous things, including its parks, schools, and trees, to name just a few of these attractions.
  2. In addition to this, Lexington is rapidly gaining a reputation as an exceptionally secure location for both living and working.
  3. According to AdvisorSmith, a website dedicated to the research of small businesses and a resource for insurance, Lexington is the seventh safest small town in the state of Ohio.
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Is New Lexington Ohio a town or a village?

New Lexington is a community in Perry County, Ohio, in the United States. It is located 21 miles (34 km) southwest of Zanesville and 45 miles (72 km) miles southeast of Columbus. New Lexington also serves as the county seat for Perry County.

What county is Troy Township Ohio?

Geauga County GIS’s own handiwork on the maps.

How safe is New Lexington Ohio?

The History of Crime in New Lexington, Ohio

Year Violent Auto
2019 343.8 193.4
2018 298.1 170.3
2017 233.2 169.6
2016 254.2 105.9

When was New Lexington Ohio established?

Residents had reached a consensus prior to the beginning of the American Civil War on the relocation of the county seat to New Lexington. In the year 1817, James Comley laid the foundation for New Lexington. The town expanded slowly, and in 1880 there were only 1,357 people living there. In the year 1886, locals were still working toward finishing the construction of the county courthouse.

Is there an Ontario Ohio?

Richland County is home to the city of Ontario, which is located in the state of Ohio in the United States. It was established in 1834 on the western edge of the Allegheny Plateau, close to the city of Mansfield, which is located to the west.

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