What Does Dtn Mean In New York Slang?

Don’t Tell Nobody. Internet — Message Boards. Rate it: DTN.

What does DTN mean in New York?

DTN (company)

Formerly Telvent DTN, Data Transmission Network, Dataline
Number of locations 18 (2018)
Key people Marc Chesover (President)
Products The Progressive Farmer, MyDTN, ProphetX, WeatherLine, weather stations
Services Data analysis, meteorological consulting, weather forecasting

What does DTB mean in New York slang?

DTB is an abbreviation that stands for ″Don’t text back,″ and it’s frequently used as a way to tell someone they shouldn’t reply to a text message.

What does NYS mean slang?

What does NYS stand for?

Rank Abbr. Meaning
NYS Not Yet Started

What does dnt mean in texting?

Direct Message is a kind of private texting that is abbreviated as dm. dnt – Don’t.

What does DTB mean on TikTok?

According to all of the TikTok videos that have gained popularity up to this point, the term DTB is being utilized by users of the platform who have trust difficulties.One user by the name of @ yb.better posted a video of herself dancing in front of the DTB abbreviation with a straightforward explanation, which said, ″DTB Means don’t trust boys.″ This made things quite simple for viewers who were inquisitive about the term.

What does DTM mean?

DTM is an abbreviation that originated on the internet and refers to the conduct of the poster. Its meaning is ″doing too much″ or ″doing too much.″ NDE and ETM are both related abbreviations.

What does DBE stand for?

DBEs, or Disadvantaged Business Enterprises, are for-profit small businesses in which members of a social or economic minority group hold at least 51 percent of the company’s equity and exercise management and operational control over its day-to-day activities.

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What does Dyb mean?

Abbreviation for ″try your best.″ In certain Scout chants, the phrases ″do our best″ and ″do your best″ were shortened to ″dyb″ (sometimes spelled ″dib″) and ″dob,″ respectively.

What does B mean in New York?

B is a word of endearment used to refer to a loved one. It is common to address someone as ″homie,″ ″ya girl,″ or ″ya mothers″ while using this term.

How do New Yorkers say hello?

Ayo is another another form of greeting that you can hear New Yorkers use. It is a more casual method of greeting someone and might be interpreted as ″yeah, you, how ya doin?″

What do New Yorkers say differently?

  1. Coloring is done using ″cray-ans″ in New York City.
  2. The correct pronunciation is ″sear-up″
  3. It is likely that you are from the state of New York if you pronounciate the terms ″merry,″ ″marry,″ and ″Mary″ in three distinct ways.
  4. The phrase ″caw-fee″ will be heard often throughout the morning in New York City.
  5. It is pronounced ″waw-tuh″ to refer to water
  6. The phrase ″chaw-clet″ is frequently requested by New Yorkers.

What doesmean in texting?

— Means ″hot″ in a sexual sense; a young person may say this on the Instagram selfie of the person they have a crush on, for example. — The term ″dump truck,″ which refers to a bottom that is either enormous or shapely.

What does 7 mean in texting?

721 means ‘Love You.’ There are a total of seven letters in the phrase ″love you,″ which corresponds to the number 7, the number 2 indicates the number of phrases, and the number 1 tells us that there is only one interpretation of the term.

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