What Is The Population Of New York State?

It is the fourth most populous state in the United States with a population of 19.8 million inhabitants as of the year 2021, with around 44 percent of its residents residing in New York City and 40 percent living on Long Island.

What percentage of New York’s population lives in NYC?

The metropolitan region of New York City is home to around two-thirds of the state’s total population. New York City is the most populous city in the United States, with an estimated record high population of 8,622,698 in 2017. Since the last United States census in 2010, the city has had more people immigrate to it than leave it, making it the most populated city in the country.

What is the population of New York City in 2010?

See Demographics of New York City for information on the population of the city with the same name. Pop. With a total population of 19,378,102 residents as of the year 2010, the United States Census Bureau ranked New York as the third most populous state in the US, behind only California and Texas. This represented a growth of more than 400,000 people, or 2.1 percent, from the year 2000.

What is the population of New York City in 2004?

The combined populations of New York City and the six counties in New York State that are considered to be its satellites—namely, Suffolk, Nassau, Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam and Orange—were estimated to be 12,626,200 as of July 1, 2004, by the United States Census Bureau. This represents 65.67 percent of the total population of New York State.

What is the population of Florida compared to New York?

Florida just overtook New York as the state with the third highest number of residents, relegating the Empire State to the position of fourth most populated in the United States. The most current official population estimates for New York are 19,795,791, which were released in July of 2015. This estimate shows a rise of 2.1 percent since it was last reported in 2010.

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What’s the population of New York State 2021?

In the year 2021, the population of New York was around 19.84 million people. This was a decline from the previous year, when there were around 20.15 million people living in the state. In the year 1960, the total number of individuals who called New York home was around 16.78 million.

What percent of New York is white?


Persons 65 years and over, percent  14.9%
Female persons, percent  52.3%
Race and Hispanic Origin
White alone, percent  41.3%

What percent of New York State is black?

There are 19,378,102 people living in the state of New York, according to the census completed in 2010.According to the racial classifications used by the US Census, this number includes 12,740,974 people who identify as white (65.7 percent), 3,073,800 people who identify as black (15.9 percent), 1,420,244 people who identify as Asian (7.3 percent), 8,766 people who identify as Pacific Islander (0.0 percent), and 1,441,563 people who identify as belonging to other races (7.4 percent).

What is the population of New York state without New York City?

Table 2 presents the population, land area, and population density for each county in the state of New York in 2010.

County 2010 Population Estimate 2010 Population Density1
New York State
New York State 19,378,102 411.20
New York City
New York City 8,175,133 27,011.84

What is the largest ethnic group in New York?

White people who are not Hispanic make up 31.9 percent of the population of New York City, followed by black or African American people who are not Hispanic (21.7 percent), Asian people who are not Hispanic (14.3 percent), other Hispanic people (13.5 percent), and white people who are Hispanic (10.5 percent ).

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What state has the smallest population?

Wyoming has the lowest population of any state in the United States.White people make up 83.7 percent of Wyoming’s population, while Hispanic or Latino people make up 10.1 percent, Native Americans make up 2.7 percent, African Americans make up 1.3 percent, and Asians make up 1.1 percent.The federal government of the United States maintains control over five permanently populated regions, all of which fall under its exclusive legal authority.

What is the blackest city in America?

The city of New York had the highest number of individuals who identified themselves as being Black, with around 2.3 million. This was followed by the city of Chicago, with 1.1 million, and then cities such as Detroit, Philadelphia, and Houston, which each had between 500,000 and 1 million.

What is the poorest part of New York?

East Harlem and the south and center parts of the West Bronx are contained within East Harlem’s five City Council districts (8, 14, 15, 16, and 17), which all have poverty rates between 35 and 40 percent. In one-third of the districts represented by the City Council, the poverty rate was higher than one person out of every four (25 percent ).

What is the whitest state?

The results of the census in 2020 reveal that Maine continues to be the state with the highest percentage of white residents but is also getting increasingly diversified.According to figures from the most recent census, which was announced on Thursday, the state’s population of 1,362,359 is still predominantly white.Over the course of the last decade, however, those figures showed a modest decline, going from 95.2 percent of the population to 90.8 percent of the population.

What is the whitest city in America?

With 92.6 percent of its inhabitants self-identifying as White, Hialeah, Florida, in the state of Florida, is the whitest city in the United States. However, just 2.57 percent of the population is comprised of white people who are not of Hispanic origin. According to the Census, by the year 2045, white people will constitute a minority in the United States.

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What state has the highest Black population?

The number of black residents in Texas exceeds that of any other state. In 2019, Texas has the biggest Black population in the United States, with more than 3.9 million people of African descent calling the state home. The state of Georgia is home to 3.6 million Black people, while Florida has the second biggest population in the US with 3.8 million.

What is the average household income in New York?


Mean travel time to work (minutes), workers age 16 years+, 2016-2020 33.5
Income & Poverty
Median household income (in 2020 dollars), 2016-2020 $71,117

What is the smallest town in New York?

Sherrill is the city with the fewest residents, as there are only 3,071 people living there. Mechanicville, which has a total land size of 0.91 square miles (2.4 km2) but only 0.08 square miles (0.2 km2) of water, is the city with the smallest total land area.

Is Florida more populated than New York?

Florida (Population: 21,944,577) The Big Apple (Population: 19,299,981)

Is New York the largest city in the world?

With a total land area of 12,093 km2, New York City is the biggest city in the world (4,669 mi2). It is estimated that New York’s population is 20,870,000, making it the most populous state in the United States. Eight of the world’s 10 largest cities measured by total land area are located in the United States.

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