What Is The Weather Like In Albuquerque New Mexico?

The current conditions in Albuquerque Every year, Albuquerque experiences an average of 278 clear and sunny days.Bring additional layers of clothes with you so that you can protect yourself from the strong winds that tend to blow in the spring.Winters are short and moderate, with temperatures staying around 10 degrees Celsius (49 degrees Fahrenheit).Summer temperatures average approximately 32 degrees Celsius (89 degrees Fahrenheit) between June and August.

What is the average temperature in Albuquerque New Mexico?

The month of July in Albuquerque is the warmest of the year, with an average high temperature of 91.8 degrees, making it warmer than the majority of other locations in the state of New Mexico.There are four pleasant months out of the year in Albuquerque, with high temperatures ranging from 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.May, September, and April are the three months of the year when Albuquerque has the most favorable weather.

What is the weather like in New Mexico year round?

Climate.Thirty is the number of days that have any precipitation that can be measured.In Albuquerque, New Mexico, residents may expect an annual average of 280 days with clear skies.The average maximum temperature in July is close to 92 degrees.The low for the month of January is 22.

  1. According to Sperling’s comfort index, the climate of Albuquerque is rated at 77 out of a possible 100, where a higher number implies a climate that is more agreeable throughout the year.

Does it snow in Albuquerque New Mexico?

On a yearly basis, Albuquerque receives an average of 11 inches of snow.The United States has an average annual snowfall of 28 inches.The city of Albuquerque has, on a yearly basis, an average of 280 days with clear skies.The average number of sunny days in the US is 205.On an annual basis, there are 57 days in Albuquerque that see some form of precipitation.

  1. That which falls to the earth as rain, snow, sleet, or hail is referred to as precipitation.
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What is the weather like in New Mexico in September?

May, September, and April are the three months of the year when Albuquerque has the most favorable weather.In Albuquerque, on average, there are 55.8 days each year when the high temperature is higher than 90 degrees, making it one of the hottest cities in the state of New Mexico.The average evening temperature in Albuquerque is 23.5 degrees Fahrenheit, while January is the month with the coolest overnight temperatures.

What kind of climate does Albuquerque have?

The summers in Albuquerque are extremely hot and dry, the winters are relatively brief, extremely cold, and snowy, and the sky is clear for the most part all year round. The temperature seldom drops below 18 degrees Fahrenheit or climbs over 99 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the course of a year, although it regularly ranges from 27 degrees Fahrenheit to 93 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the coldest month in Albuquerque?

The month of January is Albuquerque’s coldest month, with an average nightly temperature of 23.8 degrees Fahrenheit. The hottest month of the year is July, with an average daytime temperature of 92.3 degrees Fahrenheit.

How much snow does Albuquerque New Mexico get a year?

The United States has an average annual snowfall of 28 inches. The Climate’s Typical Values

Albuquerque, New Mexico United States
Snowfall 10.6 in. 27.8 in.
Precipitation 57.4 days 106.2 days
Sunny 280 days 205 days
Avg. July High 91.8° 85.8°

What are the winters like in Albuquerque New Mexico?

Winter is Albuquerque’s coldest season.The highest temperatures during the daytime barely reach the middle 40s Fahrenheit (7 degrees C), while the lowest temperatures during the evening do not get over 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-7 degrees C).Even while snow shovels aren’t required to clean the sidewalks after the majority of snowstorms, the odd storms may still drop as much as a foot and a half of snow on the city.

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Is Albuquerque a good place to live?

The latest greatest places to live rankings from US News & World Report place Albuquerque in 120th position. NATIONAL (CBS NEWSPATH/KRQE) – The latest edition of the annual ranking of the best places to live in the United States has been published by U.S. News & World Report.

Where in New Mexico should you not live?

  1. Here Is A List Of The Top 10 Most Dangerous Towns To Live In Within The State Of New Mexico Roswell (population 48,623) Clinton Steeds photos courtesy of Flickr
  2. Hobbs (population 34,543) Flickr/Chuck Coker.
  3. Albuquerque (population 553,684)
  4. The City of Silver (10,285)
  5. Socorro, which has a population of 9069
  6. Taos (population 5722)
  7. Farmington, Connecticut, had a population of 45,328
  8. Artesia, California, had a population of 11,389

What is the cost of living in Albuquerque?

91.1 is the cost of living index in Albuquerque.

COST OF LIVING Albuquerque New Mexico
Grocery 96 93.3
Health 81.1 82.6
Housing 88 83.6
Median Home Cost $257,400 $246,000

Is New Mexico humid or dry?

Oh, The Relentless Humidity. Which state has the highest average annual humidity?

State Average RH Dew Point Rank
New Hampshire 70.4% 36
New Jersey 68.5% 23
New Mexico 45.9% 44
Nevada 38.3% 48

Is New Mexico a good place to live?

According to the results of a survey conducted by WalletHub, which evaluated the states based on 52 different aspects of livability, New Mexico came in at number 50 on the list of the best places to live in during the year 2021. The states were evaluated based on their affordability, economy, education and health, quality of life, and level of safety, respectively.

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Is Albuquerque in the desert?

In the middle of the Chihuahuan Desert, in a large valley that extends roughly 30 miles (48 km) east-west, you’ll find the city of Albuquerque.The Sandia Mountains are located to the north, the Manzano Mountains are located to the east, and the low but rocky lava escarpments are located to the south and west of the valley.The majority of the length of the valley is enclosed by these mountain ranges.

Does New Mexico have 4 seasons?

We do, in fact, experience all four seasons here, which results in breathtaking landscapes such as mountains covered in snow, fields filled with wildflowers in the spring, days that are just the right temperature in the summer, and bright, crisp autumns.

What is the best place to live in New Mexico?

  1. The ten finest locations to live in the United States are as follows:
  2. Edgewood
  3. Rio Rancho
  4. [and]
  5. Los Ranchos de Albuquerque
  6. Ruidoso
  7. Artesia
  8. Santa Fe
  9. Alamogordo

Does New Mexico get tornadoes?

There is evidence of tornadoes in the majority of New Mexico’s counties. The months of April through July are the months in the east that have the highest danger of tornadoes, however tornadoes are possible during any thunderstorm. On a yearly basis, New Mexico is hit by roughly ten tornadoes on average.

Does it rain a lot in Albuquerque?

Because of the extremely low humidity, even when the temperatures increase, summers are always comfortable, and our sunny winters are rather warm. The yearly rainfall here is around 9 inches on average, and the relative humidity here is just about 44 percent on average.

Has there ever been a tornado in Albuquerque?

There were a total of two historical tornadoes that occurred in or around Albuquerque, New Mexico, and each one had a documented magnitude of two or higher.

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