What Is The Zip Code For Toledo Ohio?

Toledo, OH Information and Statistics Relating to the 43608 Zip Code When compared to the geographical area covered by other ZIP codes in the United States, the geographic region including the 43608 ZIP code, which is situated in northwest Ohio, is slightly smaller than normal. In addition to it, the population density is rather high.

How many ZIP codes does Toledo have?

There are sixteen zip codes for the city of Toledo in our database; the characteristics of each zip code, including its proportion of Ohio’s total land area, are shown below. Toledo represents around 0.33 percent of the state of Ohio’s total land area. The following counties are included in Toledo’s jurisdiction:

What is the center longitude and latitude of Toledo Ohio?

There is a center Longitude / Latitude point associated with each Toledo, Ohio zip code (the Toledo center is located at -83.577796936035 and 41.652900695801). In the interest of your convenience, we have also mentioned whether or not that particular zip code in Toledo participates in the practice of daylight saving time.

What is the population of Toledo Ohio?

According to the most current census, Toledo, Ohio, has a population of 276,614 people, which is equivalent to 2.37 percent of the overall population of Ohio. Amount of Land (Sq. Meters) Land Area (Square Miles):

How many zip codes are in Toledo Ohio?

Toledo Metro Area, Ohio: 60 Zip Codes.

What is the zip code for North Toledo?

ZIP Code 43605

Post Office City: Toledo, OH (View All Cities)
County: Lucas County
Timezone: Eastern (2:29am)
Area code: 419 (Area Code Map)
Coordinates: 41.65, -83.51 ZIP (~4 mile radius)
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What are the zip codes in Ohio?

Zip Code List Zip Code – 430 in Ohio

Zip Code City County
43056 Newark Licking County
43058 Newark Licking County
43060 North Lewisburg Champaign County
43061 Ostrander Delaware County

What area code is 43605?

  • The majority of the 43605 zip code is inside the boundaries of Lucas County.
  • TOLEDO, Ohio is the recognized name given by the United States Postal Service to the 43605 zip code.
  • There are parts of the 43605 zip code that are either entirely enclosed inside the city borders of Toledo, Oregon, Northwood, or Rossford, Ohio, or they border those city limits.
  • Area code 567 and area code 419 are both included in the 43605 zip code’s coverage.

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