Where Can I Buy A Stun Gun In New York?

Dan Neville’s Thugbusters, located in Rochester, New York, is one of the few locations in the state that is able to distribute stun guns and Tasers to clients residing in the five boroughs of New York City.The website of the company was where Neiditch purchased his stun weapons.According to Neville, sales have increased by a factor of five hundred percent in the past year, and ninety-five percent of those shock guns are purchased by women.

Are stun guns and tasers legal in New York?

The court that heard the Avitabile case made it clear that it was willing to consider the proposition that some limits on the ownership and/or use of shock guns and Tasers may be lawful.Therefore, it is up to the lawmakers in New York to amend their laws in order to impose limits, such as permission requirements, comparable to the rules that govern stun guns in a number of other states, if they so want.

Where can I buy a stun gun?

Amazon.com has a large number of different stun guns for customers to choose from. Stun guns, including micro stun guns and high duty stun guns, are available at excellent rates and may often be purchased at a discount. Free delivery, as well as free returns, on products that qualify.

What constitutes a stun device in New York?

Two different meanings are included in the definition of a stun device that may be found in New York Penal Law section 265.00.15a.The term ″electronic dart gun″ refers to any equipment that is principally designed as a weapon and whose objective is to immediately stun, knock out, or paralyze a person by sending an electrical shock to such a person using a dart or projectile as the method of transmission.

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