Where Is Purchase New York?

In the United States of America, the community of Purchase is a hamlet located inside the larger community of Harrison, which is located in Westchester County.According to one version of a popular urban legend, the place got its name from the Harrison’s acquisition, in which John Harrison agreed to be given as much property as he could ride across in a single day.Both Manhattanville College and the State University of New York at Purchase may be found in the town of Purchase.

What is the ZIP code for Purchase NY?

This particular zip code includes all of the addresses for the city of Purchase in New York. You can obtain directions to 10577, look up local companies and points of interest, find out about the current traffic situation and road conditions, and more. Some of the zip codes in the surrounding area include 10604, 10573, 10602, 10601, and 10605.

What is there to do in Purchase NY?

Activities Available in Purchase 1 Sculpture Garden.We are only open on weekends, from 10 am to 4 pm.The Neuberger Museum of Art comes in second, while The Performing Arts Center comes in third.4 Experiences With No Limits.

  • At Boundless Adventures, a couple of my son’s pals joined us in honoring his eleventh birthday this past weekend.
  • What are the most popular places of interest in Purchase to see?

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