Which Group Of Native Americans Did Spanish Colonists In New Mexico Depend On For Protection?

Which subgroup of the Native Americans living in New Mexico did the Spanish colonists rely on for their protection? The Pueblo people.

What did the Spanish do to the natives in New Mexico?

When Spanish colonists first arrived in New Mexico, they immediately began abusing the local population. This led to the Spanish colonists leading practically continual raids, reprisals, and slave capture operations against the nomadic Indian tribes who lived along the state’s boundaries. Slaves were known to as genzaros at that time.

Who are the Native Americans of New Mexico?

The state of New Mexico is home to a portion of the Navajo Nation, 19 Pueblo villages that are recognized by the federal government, and three separate Apache tribes that are recognized by the federal government. Its considerable Hispanic community is comprised of Hispanos, Chicanos, and Mexicans, all of whom trace their ancestry back to early Spanish immigrants.

Why did the Spanish colonize the Pueblos?

Instead, they came upon humble communities inhabited by indigenous people who farmed using irrigation and whose homes were made of adobe.Spain made the decision to establish and maintain a colony at Santa Fe in order to bring native peoples into the Catholic religion and to prevent other European powers from settling in the area.The Tewa, the Zuni, the Hopi, and a few other tribes came together to forge a new identity for themselves as the ″Pueblo peoples.″

What was the objective of the Spanish rule of New Mexico?

Modern academics are of the opinion that the goal of Spanish power in New Mexico (and all other lands in the north) was the complete exploitation of the native population as well as the resources they controlled.According to the writings of Frank McNitt, the Governors of the province were a rapacious and avaricious group whose sole motivation was to extract as much personal money as possible from the territory during their tenure in office.

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